To the Editor:

There isn’t enough beach area in Oak Bluffs?

West Tisbury residents have one small area of beach to use, and many days it is full with residents already. If anyone on the Island or visiting prefers Lambert’s Cove to their own town beach, on many more days West Tisbury residents will be shut out.

Each town has set aside some space for the people who pay taxes in that town so they can have reasonable access to open space and ocean. Erik Albert’s [“It’s all about beaches with this guy,”, 12/2] obsession with Lambert’s Cove is just odd. There are some great beaches in Chilmark that he also can’t go to, and neither can I. I go off-season and still enjoy the views.

By the way, if you read the signs at Lambert’s Cove, it is open before 9 am until 6 pm and has a very dog-friendly policy. That certainly seems open and fair.

Karen Elgart

West Tisbury