E-readers you might like


E-readers vary in size, features, and price. The larger ones have a screen almost as large as a page of typing paper and therefore sacrifice some portability. They have 4GB of memory and cost $360 to $500. One gigabyte (GB) of memory will store about 1,000 books. Consumer Reports (CR) recommends these but rates them lower than smaller readers made by the same companies.

The most popular sizes are 6- to 7-inches high. CR rates two models of the Amazon Kindle as the best (with Wi-Fi and 3G at $190, with Wi-Fi alone at $140). Both have 4GB of memory. The Kindles do not support the systems used by CLAMS.

Also of note in this size are the Sony Reader Touch ($230) and the Barnes & Noble Nook (with Wi-Fi and 3G $230, with Wi-Fi alone, $150), all with 2GB of memory. CR recommends all of these, and the $150 Nook is CR’s “best buy.”

Other 6-inch e-readers that will work with the CLAMS network are two Kobo eReaders (1GB of memory, with or without Wi-Fi at $140) and the Pandigital Novel with Wi-Fi ($170 with 1GB and $180 with 2GB). The Literati, with built-in Wi-Fi and a color screen ($149), was not reviewed by CR.

There are also e-readers with 5-inch screens. The Sony Reader Pocket (2GB at $180) and the Aluratek Libre (2GB at $130) do not come in wireless versions.