Misbehaving Desserts at Offshore Ale


After a good meal and some suds to wash it down, Offshore Ale Company in Oak Bluffs now offers a sweet finish with desserts made fresh daily on the premises by local Vineyard baker Leslie Hewson.

Offshore Ale formerly ordered desserts from an outside wholesale supplier, co-owner Colleen McAndrews said. Now Ms. Hewson creates her own “Misbehaving Desserts” in Offshore’s kitchen. She also incorporates her pastry chef talents into other menu items, such as pot pies.

“People are coming in because they know Leslie is making our desserts,” Ms. McAndrews said. “She makes desserts to fit the season as well, so in addition to a chocolate cake that uses Offshore Ale stout, she’s making gingerbread, eggnog cheesecake, and other holiday specialties.”

Ms. McAndrews said holiday cakes, pastries, and cookie trays made by Ms. Hewson may be ordered through Offshore Ale by calling 508-693-2626.