New potential


To the Editor:On behalf of Island Grown Initiative as its executive director, I would like to graciously thank the farmers and the eaters who came out to support our first “Local Meat Is Good To Eat But There’s More To Life Than Chicken Fundraiser” on Nov. 6, 2010 at the Ag Hall.

Seventy-five Island-grown and processed chickens, 125 lbs. of local pork cooked by Local Smoke, and pounds of local greens, sides, and frozen yogurt were served to 400 people. A gamut of locals came out to eat, socialize and support the building of an Island-based, humane, U.S.D.A.-certified, safe, clean, affordable, fair wage, humane, slaughter and processing facility. Twelve thousand dollars was raised in the effort to back this project.

This is an outstanding show of support for the development of a safe, local food system that includes this necessary piece of infrastructure that will bolster small family farms on the Vineyard.

If it wasn’t for the collaborative support of the MV Agricultural Society, headed up by Dale McClure, collectively with the energy of Bea Whiting and Abigail Higgins, “Local Meat” would not have been as magical nor as inspiring.

Richard Andre and Jefferson Munroe of IGI did a stellar job organizing this, their first fundraiser. Watch for a follow-up in March 2011.

Mermaid Farm, Morning Glory Farm, Cleveland Farm, North Tabor Farm, The Good Farm, The Farm Institute, Scottish Bakehouse, Tisberry Frozen Yogurt and Cronig’s provided food and drink. Local Smoke — Everett Whiting and his kitchen team — provided hours of cooking and serving time. DJ Di, Boaz Kirschenbaum and the Eric Johnson Trio provided music.

IGI extends thank-yous to: Roxanne Kapitan and Marie Laursen for working the door, Lauren Carelli for intelligent graphic design, Stephen Coles for a new tee-shirt and Fernanda Iannucci for selling them with asmile; Lily Morris, Edible Vineyard, The Farm Institute, Tim Colon and Annie Parsons for raffle donations. Thank you Island boards of health, John Powers in West Tisbury, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and the U.S.D.A. Patrie Grace contributed her unsurpassed skill and calm in running community celebrations.

For this truly was a celebration — oneof new potential and a brighter future for a more sustainable, vibrant Island community.Gratefully.

Ali BerlowWest Tisbury