Yearly Archives: 2010

Editorial: The drug business and the courts

There is not the data one would need to conclude that the drug problem here is more severe today than it has historically been.

Remembering Gibby

Several Harley riders gathered at the P-A Club in Oak Bluffs on Saturday before heading out on a scavenger hunt in memory of John Gibson, who died in March after a motorcycle accident in Florida.


"Times are financially tough for all of us, but that doesn't give anyone license to steal from others, least of all the good, hardworking, and gentle owners of Heather Gardens.

Edward Duart

Edward Duart, 61, died Sunday, May 16, 2010 at his home in Carver.

High School View wins awards

The New England Scholastic Press Association (NESPA) awarded its Highest Achievement Award in Scholastic Editing and Publishing to student journalists from the Vineyard.

Oak Bluffs parking limits will be enforced

Oak Bluffs Police will begin enforcing parking time limits on Circuit Avenue and roads in the surrounding area on Monday.

Helping out Heather

Heather Jardin's friends — some 200 strong — turned out at the Portuguese-American Club on Friday night to help out Heather, 29, who is battling leukemia for the second time.

How Oak Bluffs has spent CPA money

To the Editor:There were public comments about the spending of the Oak Bluffs community preservation committee at the Oak Bluffs annual town meeting that I would like to clarify.

Striped bass answer the perennial Vineyard question

Been fishin' yet? It is a common question on the Vineyard in early May, if people suspect you are a member of the Island's large fishing fraternity.