Yearly Archives: 2010


Well, the thunderstorms have certainly rolled in with a bang.


My friends, the heat on Sunday broke me.

Change is slow, but it’s possible

Immigration and a poor national and world economy are two crucial issues which affect people on‑Island, off‑Island and around the world, but here on a small Island the economic fight for too few jobs takes place in a small area where personal privacy is at a minimum.

London’s Balletboyz at The Yard

Incorporating a mix of dance and video into their performances, as well as a mix of dance styles, London's Balletboyz make serious dance about as accessible as it gets, without at all compromising the art form.

A cave man contest

To the Editor:I am a high school student, and this letter was written to the Oak Bluffs harbormaster.

Business Brief: Importers show rare tribal Persian rugs at Mansion House

Tuesday evening, at the Mansion House on Main Street in Tisbury, the Key West-based Archeo Gallery, which specializes in tribal Persian rugs made by the Quashqai nomads, will host an opening reception for its summer rug show that features a selection of the world's finest Gabbeh rugs.

Zablotny print being auctioned

It is the perfect meeting of music and the visual arts.

A summer highlight

One of the music highlights of the summer for me is attending the annual Opera Fest concert, held last Friday at Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs, where a group of teenage women and men trained by artistic director Claudette Peterson presented staged and sung arias from a diverse selection of operas.

Shopping for the one who has it all

Have you ever run across that person who has everything? That person, may be even family, who you have to buy a present for? What do you do? You want it to be meaningful, fun, enjoyable, and at least something they will use.

Possible Dreams this Monday, August 2

Dreaming is free, but if you want to make one of your far-fetched wishes come true — say, rehashing the plot of "Jaws" with Richard Dreyfuss over dinner — it should cost you, and help others, too.