Yearly Archives: 2010

Is this historic preservation, or not

Oak Bluffs voters will be challenged on whether or not to vote favorably for allocating $200,000 in community preservation funds for article six in the special town meeting on Tuesday, November 16, at the Oak Bluffs School.

At Large: Getting the Patriots to play better

I wonder if the Patriots would have looked so bad Sunday, if you couldn't see them.

Oak Bluffs

All the towns did so well on voter turnout last Tuesday.

New hospital, waste of money

When walking into the new Martha's Vineyard Hospital you are immediately enveloped in the lap of luxury.

Something to build on

I congratulate Bill Keating on his win.

Over 40 soccer: Masters match

The Vineyard FC Masters traveled to West Roxbury Sunday for their final soccer match of the fall season.

We, the tossed salad

Ok, now I've got to get on my soap-box.

Vineyard wins tough one against Bishop Stang

It was one of those high scoring games when the momentum changed sides and the lead changed hands with regularity.


It's rainy, it's windy, and it's dark at four o'clock.