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West Tisbury

Anyone driving through North Tisbury has no doubt been enchanted by Argie Humphreys' old orchard, now newly flower-filled.

Graceful turbine

To the Editor:We all owe a debt of gratitude to Morning Glory Farm for their leadership in exploring the virtues of wind-generated energy.

Show openings

Bank of Martha's Vineyard, South Rd.

Turning wood into Art

Michelangelo reportedly said that he saw his famous statue, David, inside a block of marble and simply chipped away until the figure emerged.

What do your gallery goers ask most often?

Sandra Heaphy, Manager, The John Stobart Gallery, North Summer St.

Great, but make the signs smaller

Downtown Oak Bluffs looks beautiful.

With help, a greenhouse at Daybreak

The Daybreak Clubhouse of Martha's Vineyard Community Services thanks the Vineyard Home Center, Jardin Mahoney, Goodale Construction, Hinkley and Sons, the Community Solar Greenhouse (COMSOG), Chris Cottrell, the Permanent Endowment Fund, Farmtek Suppliers, and the Friends of Daybreak for generous donations to the Daybreak Clubhouse Greenhouse.

Whose job is the cleanup?

Burning coal releases heat-trapping carbon dioxide, harmful plumes of mercury and other hazardous substances into the atmosphere.

Wiser and less expensive

Your June 3 editorial, "A high price for a modest contribution," falls short of telling the complete story about generating electricity with wind turbines vs.


Painter Edie Yoder may live in Vineyard Haven, but her artist's heart beats to an up-Island tempo.

Schedule of Workshops

Peter Simon: June 18-21; July 15-19; September 10-13; October 8-11, times TBD.

SMF receives $8,000 Edey grant for otter research

The Sheriff's Meadow Foundation has received a grant of $8,000 from the Edey Foundation for the nonprofit's Coastal Otter Research Project led by biologist Luanne Johnson.

State Police shift command of Island troop

On Monday, State Police Sergeant Thomas Medeiros, the newly named commander of the Massachusetts State Police barracks on Temahigan Avenue in Oak Bluffs, was busy settling into his new office, and home on the second floor, of the Victorian style building.

Summer arts workshops: Paint, shoot, create

Photographers Louisa Gould, Peter Simon, and Alison Shaw, along with a host of other well-known artists and writers, are sharing their expertise this summer and fall in a series of creative arts workshops on the Island.

Vineyard Playhouse brings Kate Feiffer book to stage

If the humor, pacing, and performances that shone during rehearsal this past Saturday are any indication, you would do well to beg, borrow, or bring a child of your own to Vineyard Playhouse this weekend.

Oak Bluffs

Saturday morning at 6 am the sun was starting to lighten up the sky and within two hours it was as black as night as those tremendous thunderstorms crashed in.


Pizza nights at Juli's are pretty rocking again.

Meaningful to them

To the Editor:The following is a copy of a letter sent to Mr.


On Saturday, three inches of rain were dumped on the island in two hours.


There is green everywhere the eye can see: on the ground, in the treetops, and even on my television, as the Celtics continue to trailblaze past anyone in their path.