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Year’s midpoint finds SSA stats holding their own

For the first half of 2010, Vineyard traffic on SSA vessels is up nicely, and Nantucket traffic, except freight (trucks) is flat, compared to figures for the first half of 2009.


The sixth annual Della Hardman Day celebration will be held July 31, in Ocean Park.

The heat goes on

The season has turned, and now the time of ripening is upon us.

Island farmers’ markets

In addition to the many farm stands we have on the Island, you can find farmers' markets four days a week, hosted by three different organizations.

A treasure hunt, but no treasure

We have four children, all adults or on the cusp of adulthood.

Views of Gossmer Gallery

Last Sunday, July 11, at Gossamer Gallery, art goers were treated to owner Joan Merry's summer reception and views of her eclectic collection of fine art.

West Tisbury

News of the horrific fire that destroyed the Coast Guard boathouse in Menemsha Monday afternoon overwhelms everything and everyone.

Slow food annual event with a famous twist

The Martha's Vineyard annual Slow Food Summer Potluck will take place this Tuesday, July 20 at the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury.

Artists debut work on-Island

Ten artists made their debut at the Oak Bluffs Arts District Stroll this past Saturday.

Visiting Veterinarian: Spinal cord injuries

Franny's owner was backing out of her driveway on Memorial Day when she felt a bump.




Because last summer was kind of a bummer in the weather department (remember all that rain?), I will not complain about the heat but the humidity is fair game.

Arts a la carte: Luncheon for kids at the Field Club

One seldom encounters enthusiasts like year-round Vineyard Haven resident, Lani Carney.


This past weekend, Kevin and Elizabeth Oliver hosted Solon and Barrett's family birthday party.

Rampaging fire wounds Menemsha badly

A fast-moving fire that broke out at 2:42 pm Monday destroyed the Coast Guard boathouse in Menemsha, and its pier, a truck, several private boats and the wooden causeway that provided vehicle access to the fill dock on the west side of the harbor, stranding eight vehicles.

Oak Bluffs

This hot and so very humid weather has lasted for such a long stretch it makes us wonder if we have been suddenly transported to a place somewhere in the tropics.

Quick Draw Artist Thaw Malin

Thaw Malin seems an easy-going man, cerebral and soft spoken.

Christopher Knowles wins Times civics quiz contest

Christopher Knowles of Vineyard Haven is the winner of dinner for two at the beautiful Lure Grill restaurant in Katama.

Fluke derby proves that boat size does not matter

The eleventh annual VFW Fluke Derby provided proof that it does not take a big boat to catch big fish; that perseverance and a good attitude are as important as fishing skill; and sometimes, nice guys do finish first.


Wow it's hot! I'm watching the cucumber plants, not so long ago just a couple of leaves in a cheap plastic cell, climb the trellis and flower with vigor, and I can't wait for a taste.