Yearly Archives: 2010

Chappy considers wetlands, crossings, in bike path design

Northeastern University engineering students presented a new version of their design for a bike path on Chappaquiddick, estimating that it would cost $1.

Oak Bluffs voters, on the second night, cut little; more to...

On the second night of its annual town meeting on April, 14, Oak Bluffs voters cut less than $60,000 out of a proposed $24.

More attention needed

The proposed connector road has been planned for some time, and the town has been asked to approve several stages.

The economics of it for businesses

I don't enjoy being stirred into the same pot as some landlords that a few of the Letters to the Editor have portrayed in the last few weeks.

The end of tranquility

To the Editor: If the citizens of Tisbury open the door to alcohol sales even a tiny crack, we invite nothing less than the demise of 300 years of tranquility.

Safe to walk downtown

I am a sixth grade student living in California who comes to Martha's Vineyard every summer.

To prevent decline

When I first moved to the Vineyard in the seventies, Vineyard Haven was the year-round town that you saw your friends at when you shopped.

Our town needs our help

As spring fills the air with the new arrival of life and energy, Vineyard Haven is calling for our help.

Two vie for Tisbury’s board of health seat

On Tuesday, April 27, Tisbury voters will be asked to choose between incumbent Kenneth Garde and challenger Michael Loberg for a seat on the board of health (BOH).