I think I say this every year, but, “Thank God the holidays are over.” By New Year’s Eve my good cheer really starts to run thin. I really can’t maintain a consistent good mood for the six weeks that start with Thanksgiving and end with New Year’s.

I suppose it is a defect on my part, but it really is too much for me. Come December 31 I’m really crabby. Just ask my husband, he’ll tell you.

The West Tisbury Congregational Church community suppers that began on Wednesday, Jan. 5, at 5:30 pm will be held every Wednesday through March 30 — weather permitting. Side dishes will be gratefully accepted but not required.

This Saturday at 5 pm the MV Film Festival is hosting Family. Film. Feast. There will be dinner provided by Slow Food MV (sold separately) and music before a series of short films for kids. If you are a member of the Film Festival tickets are free. Directly after Family. Film. Feast. Slow Food will be hosting their own event. Both events are at the Chilmark Community Center.

Lots of new things happening at the Library. Storytime has been moved to 3 pm on Saturdays and there is a 10 am coffee hour with tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and maybe a snack available, also on Saturday. Every second Tuesday of the month starting January 11, Emma Young will teach a bookbinding class, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.

There will also be a book group starting in February.

Jim and Kathy Newman returned from New York City this past Friday. They were there for the spectacular blizzard that covered the city in snow. The day of the blizzard they went to the theater to see the new play that Laura Linney is in. Kathy said by the time they got out of the show it was really snowing and very windy. They made it home on the subway; walking from the station to their apartment was a little treacherous because the visibility was so bad. And Monday there was so much snow they really could not do much but stay at home. Now they are back on the Vineyard safe and sound and awaiting the next visit from their new grandson in a couple of weeks.

Summer resident Diane Jensen appeared on “Greater Boston” on WGBH this week promoting her book, “The Art of Collecting.”

Happy 2011 everyone: here’s hoping the winter doesn’t feel too long and the summer feels never-ending.