Between a rock and a rooster


To the Editor:

For almost three years I have remained silent about a situation that has finally become intolerable.

The subject is a rooster euphemistically named Rupert, who by default has taken up residence on our street in Vineyard Haven.

For the last two and a half years, some of us have been jolted out of a sound sleep, sometimes starting as early as 2:30 am, by Rupert’s notorious cock-a doodle- dooing that would then continue throughout the morning until the sun eventually came up

After numerous and repeated complaints to both the animal control person and the persons feeding the rooster (some of whom happen to work for the town) this situation has become a political sticky-wicket, which none of us want, but we now feel there is no solution.

The police who were called said they could do nothing, as the rooster was not a danger to society.

The animal control officer said she did not deal with “wild” animals.

The Mass Environmental Police said they did not deal with “pets” and claimed it had to belong to someone, otherwise it could not have survived this long.

The Tisbury town administrator said it was not a municipal matter and going to the selectmen would be a waste of time as they did not have the power to force the animal control person to catch the rooster. He felt the only recourse we had was to hire an attorney.

Then Gus Ben-David was called to get some tips on how to catch a rooster. He said he’d be willing to take the rooster once it was caught, as did many other people. But once they found out the situation they wanted no part in it.

Given that there is already a town ordinance that clearly states that farm animals are not allowed (I think roosters fall under that category), I’m hoping that this letter will provoke some sort of amicable solution to a problem that has plagued some of us for almost 912 days. That’s a long time to be sleep-deprived.

June Parker

Vineyard Haven