RCBL week 8, Bulls lose


Tuesday, at the Boys & Girls Club in Edgartown, the Heat handed the Bulls their first defeat of the year, 107-94.

John Swan (24) Lucas Brewer (20) and Matt Rivers (16) led Heat scorers.

Asil Cash (24), Brant Silvia (21) and Patrick Rolston (18) were high for the Bulls.

In the first game of the evening, the Lakers won their third game of the season besting the Suns, 87-73.

Jeff LaBell paced the Lakers and finished with a game high 25 points. Heath Estrella added 19 and John Healy 15.

Sterling Bishop had the game high 26 for the Suns. In fact, Bishop had the high for the night. Both Adam Rebello and Luke Bettencourt chipped in 13 Sunny points.

RCBL Standings:

(1) Bulls 7-1 (3) Lakers 3-5

(2) Heat 4-4 (4) Suns 2-6