Charges sought against two for smuggling drugs into jail


Dukes County Sheriff Michael McCormack said he will seek charges against an inmate and a jail visitor following an attempt, on January 5, to smuggle drugs into the Dukes County jail.

The sheriff will ask the court to charge Kevin J. Rocheteau, 31, of South Yarmouth with unlawful possession of a Class B substance, the prescription medication Suboxone.

He will ask for charges of unlawful possession of a Class B substance, and delivering drugs to a prisoner against Jasmine Reed, who was visiting Mr. Rocheteau at the jail.

The sheriff summoned both Mr. Rocheteau and Ms. Reed to Edgartown District Court for a probable cause hearing. A clerk magistrate will decide whether there is enough evidence to issue a criminal complaint.

Suboxone is a prescription narcotic, intended for use under strict medical supervision to treat addiction to heroin or other opiates.

Mr. Rocheteau is in jail following his December 2009 arrest. He is accused of stealing a safe said to contain $10,000 from E.C. Cottle Inc., a lumberyard on Lambert’s Cove Road in West Tisbury in 2007.

Police reports describe Mr. Rocheteau as the person who initiated and planned the theft. At his arraignment, the court set bail at $10,000. The court also charged four others in connection with the case.