Lakers overtake Bulls, Suns extinguish Heat


In Monday RCBL action at the Boys & Girls Club in Edgartown, the Lakers drew even with the Bulls in the final minutes of the fourth quarter and pulled off a 101-92 win in overtime.

By the half-time break the Bulls enjoyed an eight-point lead, 67-59. Damon Mello had led Bulls scorers. Jared Silvia and Heath Estrella set the pace for the Lakers.

Bulls Asil Cash and Pat Rolston warmed to the task in the second half. At the same time, John Healy, Jeff LaBell, and Caleb Nicholson found the range and the Lakers tied the score at 92.

A three-minute overtime period was called for and the Lakers used the extra time to add nine to their total while the Bulls went strangely cold.

Final score: Lakers 101, Bulls 92.

Suns beat Heat

In the second game of the night, the orange-clad Suns defeated the white-clad Heat, 112-103. The game was closer than the final score indicates. Tim Scott and Matt Rivers combined for 11 three-pointers, keeping the Heat in contention. John Swan added 20 to the Heat’s cause.

Leading Suns scorers were Adam Rebello (27), Mike Baptiste,(26) and Sterling Bishop (20) and Kenny Murray (19).

Next Monday, the Bulls play the Suns at 6:15 pm and the Lakers take on the Heat at 8:00 pm in action at the Boys & Girls Club

Week 9 RCBL Standings: Bulls 7-2; Heat 4-5; Lakers 4-5; Suns 3-6