Tisbury, Oak Bluffs selectmen discuss regionalization


The Tisbury selectmen, meeting with the Oak Bluffs selectmen Tuesday, at the start of their regular evening meeting, agreed to convene in executive session to discuss contract negotiations.

When the joint meeting resumed in open session about an hour later, Tisbury-Oak Bluffs regionalization committee member George Balco of Tisbury presented the group’s final report. Among a list of recommendations for immediate action, the committee suggested the two towns’ animal control and shellfish departments and library boards of trustees offer possibilities for standardizing and combining services.

In separate motions the two groups of selectmen agreed to direct Oak Bluffs town administrator Michael Dutton and Tisbury town administrator John Bugbee to begin work on the committee’s recommendations.

Tisbury selectmen Geoghan Coogan and Tristan Israel continued their regular meeting after the joint meeting ended at 6:13 pm. Selectmen chairman Jeff Kristal was absent.

In other business, Tisbury ambulance coordinator Jeffrey Pratt asked the selectmen to endorse a change in salary for an emergency medical technician (EMT) who completed training paid for by the town as a paramedic. The EMT has continued to work at the town’s basic EMT rate although she currently works full-time as a certified paramedic, Mr. Pratt said.

Since Tisbury has approved positions for only two paramedics, which are both filled, Mr. Coogan and Mr. Israel agreed the matter is a financial issue and postponed further discussion until their January 25 meeting. They suggested Mr. Pratt seek an opinion from the Finance and Advisory Committee.

The selectmen also discussed and approved several articles they will submit for the April town meeting warrant. A public hearing to discuss proposed amendments to the Katharine Cornell Theatre regulations was postponed when the selectmen meet on January 25.