Slight improvement marks 2010 for SSA traffic


Steamship Authority traffic in 2010 made modest gains compared with the line’s performance in 2009. Passenger traffic rose 1.6 percent for Vineyard service, or 34,233 passengers, and 1.7 percent for Nantucket passengers, or 8,736.

For autos, the Vineyard service rose 1.3 percent, or 4,964 cars, and Nantucket service increased eight tenths of a percent, or 509 cars.

For freight(trucks), Vineyard volume rose seven tenths of a percent, but on the Nantucket runs, freight dropped two percent.

Measured in dollars, revenue for the line as a whole rose 1.4 percent for passenger traffic, to $24.448 million, but average revenue per passenger declined one tenth of a percent.

The increase was the same, in percentage terms, for automobile revenue, to $26.213 million, and average revenue per car increased one tenth of a percent.

For freight, also across the service to and from both islands, revenue fell seven tenths of a percent, to $19.904 million for 2010, and average revenue per truck dropped seven tenths of a percent.