Marine mural emerges at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital


From cod lying low on the seafloor to terns nipping bait off the surface, most of the main players in the ocean around us are represented in the bright, lively mural that Margot Datz is creating in the Community Research Room at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

Some 25 high by 10 wide, the vertical shape of the mural is unusual for Ms. Datz, whose murals are typically horizontal. Working from the top down, it is the first time she has worked on such elaborate, and tall, scaffolding.

With the help of two students from the regional high school, Caleb Gray and Chris Pitt, Ms. Datz expects the work to be completed by the end of the month. In the meantime, she encourages the public to stop in and have a look while the work is in progress. The research room is just off the lobby at the hospital’s main entrance.