Martha’s Vineyard High School science fair is Saturday


Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s 12th annual science fair takes place on Saturday, Feb. 12, in the cafeteria and library.

The fair opens to the public at 11 am. More than 200 students are participating and will present their projects to judges from 9 to 11 am. Judges include more than 30 visiting scientists from the Island and Woods Hole.

This year’s event offers an impressive and intriguing variety of projects, as described by science teacher and fair organizer Jackie Hermann.

Among 135 investigative projects entered in the categories of chemistry, biology, physics, and earth/environmental science: Evaluating fats in household cooking oils, fuel made from oil used in cooking French fries, mercury levels in sodas, and the effects of hair dye on hair.

The science fair also includes a wind turbine engineering contest in which 28 wind turbines will compete for the best energy output.

Eleven projects are entered in this year’s new category of engineering design. Students were required to construct a prototype and then make design changes. Their projects include a hydrogen car, sugar rocket fuel, a compost methane digester, a castle-defending catapult, hydroponics, and a hovercraft.

An awards ceremony takes place at noon Saturday. Winners will go on to participate in the South Shore Regional Science Fair at Bridgewater State University on March 12.