What’s up with cell service?


To the Editor:

It just seems inconceivable that the cell service here is so terrible. Each company has service somewhere, but none have it all over the Island.

I happen to have AT&T (wasn’t that known as Ma Bell once?). I live and work mostly up-Island, so that is the area I am most familiar with. No service up most our South Road, same for North Road, Chilmark. Menemsha is terrible, same with North Shore/Lambert’s Cove in West Tisbury. The center of the Island is not much better. No service near NSTAR in Oak Bluffs, etc.

This is unacceptable. This is the place that many of the rich and famous come to and they/we deserve better cell service.

The question is — what can be done to get this service? Whose fault is it that we don’t have near-perfect coverage? Do we need a petition for this? Sent to whom?

Love to see one of the newspapers take this up as an in-depth reporting issue.

Let’s hear from everyone that feels like I do.

Bill Haynes

West Tisbury