Kiddo’s comfortable in new Oak Bluffs location


Where can a mother head with her young one knowing that they both will have a good time shopping? Where does a grandmother go to get just the right gift for her first grandchild? What about where a best friend goes to fill a basket for her best friend’s baby shower? Lucky for all of them, and you, it is a one-stop shop at Kiddo’s.

Kiddo’s, which was recently moved from the Tisbury Market Place to Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs, is the brainchild of owner Danielle Bailey. Danielle, who started Kiddo’s in August of 2004, has grown her store into a premier children’s store that caters to newborns through age five. At Kiddo’s, find gifts, clothing, and essentials for your little grownup. Moms will even be able to find essentials such as nursing bras, diaper bags, and baby safety gadgets for the home.

At Kiddo’s, you are greeted curbside by their big bright window display, which this past weekend was decked out in reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day. With this colorful greeting, I couldn’t wait to enter, and I was not disappointed.

Danielle did an amazing job decorating and filling her store with items that make you feel like you are walking into the nursery you always dreamed. In between the many customers that were drawn in for various gifts and needs, I was able to steal a few moments with Danielle to find out more about how Kiddo’s came to be.

When I asked Danielle why she started Kiddo’s, she glowed and got a dreamy, faraway look. “I have always felt drawn to kids,” she said. “I had started out in college as an education major, though eventually graduated with an arts major.” She went on to explain how she began on-Island as a buyer for Rainy Day, but always felt that the Island needed a child-only option and with that, Kiddo’s was born.

Our discussion then led to why she decided to move her store’s location. “It was time,” she said. “I felt we had evolved from a destination store to a main street store. I felt we had graduated with the knowledge we have gained over the last four years. It was time to take the knowledge gleaned from our primary years and begin our fifth year of business as a place where people could just drop in versus visiting us only when they had a specific need.”

One of my favorite parts of getting to know Kiddo’s, was learning what Danielle feels is most unique and special about Kiddo’s. “That service is our number one priority, as exemplified by our having postal boxes on hand to help people ship their gift-wrapped purchase off-Island easily. We also do some personal shopping for people who, for example, had visited us in the summer and now needed help from home to get ideas for a very special occasion. We will help them through suggested ideas, and once an item has been chosen, we will wrap then ship it right to the recipient for them.”

She continued: “We also offer a Registry Packet for new moms, which contains a list of ‘must-haves’ in such categories as Bath Time, Meal Time, Play Time and Travel Time, along with a list of essentials for the nursery, newborns, first birthday, and so much more.”

With the new space, Danielle has also been able to expand offerings to include specially planned kid’s Morning Socials, like the most recent Valentine Social in which kids got to make their own Valentine’s Day cards. She is planning more socials in the near future, so keep an eye on her website ( or sign up for Kiddo’s email to find out about upcoming events.

When you stop in to visit, check out the displays, such as the one dedicated to the cutest selection of one-sies and bibs that had been packaged in the shapes of lollipops and cupcakes. They made me wish I had someone to buy it for. I also fell in love with the big yellow and brown Monkeys Don’t Jump on the Bed Anymore wall clock, along with the Day of the Week Panties gift set for little girls.