The final thieving insult


To the Editor:

What’s happening on our Vineyard when thieves steal under your bedroom window to steal the bed liner out of your pick‑up truck? Crime is going haywire when lowlife creeps creep up one’s driveway, debasing thievery to the depths of robbing me of my truck bed liner.

Vineyard crime has sunk to its nadir, perhaps caused in part by weak “continued without a finding, slap-on-the-wrist” courts that degenerate into wink, nod, pat-on-the-hand repositories of lackluster and long-forgotten justice. There’s no substitute for a full-to-overflowing jailhouse teeming with these miscreants.

I’m sick of being told in Island press that crime is increasing here in paradise. Bring back paradise; put down crime. Bring on the barbed wired housing trailers and fill ’em.

In all its banality, it’s bad enough that anybody with a pair of work boots and an Igloo cooler peddles himself/herself on my doorstep as a contractor. Now, contractors or creeps, builders or brigands, they think they need my truck‑bed liner. Someone has my Ford Ranger liner to prevent dings in his/her truck bed, dents that should be made instead in their larcenous noggins by my trusty hammer, which somehow they neglected to steal.

Bruce E. Doten

Vineyard Haven