Heat advance in RCBL Playoffs; Suns get even with the Bulls


In the second round of the RCBL playoffs, Monday, the Heat eliminated the Lakers with a second win in as many games, 102–86, and qualified for the playoff finals.

The Lakers stayed close in the first half and trailed by five at the mid-game break, 55-50. But the young men in white turned up the Heat in the second half and pulled away to a 102-86 conclusion.

The second game of the evening, Bulls vs. Suns, was about as physically challenging as a basketball game might get. Every rebound was vigorously sought, every drive through the paint met a gauntlet of impediments.

Referee Greg Rollins succeeded in reaching game’s end without serious problems, not hesitating to call technical fouls to calm troubled waters. He even called the game over with 28 seconds remaining on the clock. Certainly the early ending did not affect the outcome, as the Suns enjoyed an 88–75 lead at the time.

The Suns and Bulls, each with a win and a loss, go back at it next Monday at the Boys and Girls Club in Edgartown as the Heat, already qualified for the finals, will enjoy the view from the catbird seats.