Oak Bluffs Library will oppose budget cut


To the Editor:

At the February 22 special town meeting, called by the Oak Bluffs selectmen to get approval for a quarter-million dollar list of cuts to the current year (FY 11) budget, we will move to amend that list by reducing the amount removed from the library budget by $12,000.

We will be doing this in order to fill, without further delay, the position of reference librarian, a position approved at the last annual town meeting.

We are very aware that these are tough times. Our library is experiencing, as are libraries everywhere, increased usage. For a variety of reasons, people need their libraries more in tough times.

We want to be part of the solution to the town’s fiscal problems. We will tighten our belt, along with all the other departments. However, we think the library has been targeted disproportionately.

The single-article warrant, printed in this newspaper, deserves a close look. We think it makes our case for us. At the February 22 meeting, we will also explain the importance of a reference position, as our library and its users learn to fully understand and take advantage of new technologies.

Beatrice Green, chairman

Shelley Brown

Lloyd Henke

Bob Huss

Peter Palches

Ann Ross

Oak Bluffs Library Trustees