Surprised by what he found


To the Editor,I am a health-care worker brought on to the Island to help with a staff shortage. This is my first time on the Island; my permanent residence is in Buffalo, New York.

As a first-timer, I didn’t know what to expect. When I first arrived, I went right to the hospital to pick up my house key. I was amazed at the setup of the hospital. It is gorgeous. I have worked all over and I have never seen a better institution.

One would think that it being a small hospital that the skills of those individuals may be lacking in some way. It is quite the opposite. The team that is assembled here is amazing and quite competent.

As a New Yorker we have a certain mentality that the rest of the country is behind us in many ways. Well, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is ahead of a lot of the country in a lot of ways. The equipment is top-notch, the staff is excellent, and the facility is spotless.

I will be leaving soon as my contract is coming to an end. What I take away from this experience is that Martha’s Vineyard is a great place to live, with excellent health care within its reach. I am proud to have worked there and I hope to return someday, maybe as a permanent resident.

Thank you everyone for making my stay a happy one. I consider you all as part of my family.

Timothy Motyka

Oak Bluffs