Magician at Lambert’s Cove Inn, West Tisbury


A small table mysteriously floats a couple of feet above the floor, then dances playfully in a circle — seemingly with a life of its own — before submitting to gravity and returning to its proper earthbound state.

Magician Steve Charette from Holden is the master behind this spectacle, which he performed on Plum TV two weeks ago, and he’ll be bringing this illusion along with a retinue of other magic tricks to the Lambert’s Cove Inn this Saturday, Feb. 26, for the inn’s second Dinner and a Show evening.

General manager, Mike Rego, who came to the inn last summer from an event-planning corporation in New Hampshire, launched the winter entertainment series last month with a comedic hypnotist act. The show was well received by a small audience who dined on a sumptuous three-course meal before enjoying the imported entertainment.

For show nights, the room is transformed into an ersatz nightclub with a stage, candlelit tables, and a sound and lighting engineer. Annette Dellaire of Litchfield, N.H. caught the last show and she comments, “You got to relax and eat dinner. It was really cozy and it was exciting to be able to see a show like that. The food was absolutely incredible.”

This time around guests will have the opportunity to enjoy some entertainment during the cocktail hour as well. Mr. Charette will treat diners to some close-up “strolling magic” as he travels from table to table performing card tricks, pickpocketing, and mind reading stunts. This preview will set the stage for a post-dinner full hour of illusion by a career magician.

Mr. Charette, who has been practicing magic since he was nine years old, tours throughout New England with his stand-up comedy magic show with audience participation. He notes that for Saturday’s show he will be performing “spooky type magic” that he calls “borderline family but geared towards adults.”

The master magician has been astounding audiences for 25 years with a repertoire that includes large-scale illusions with props, sleight-of-hand, mind-reading, and a variety of other types of tricks infused with comedy.

He is a regular performer at a few restaurants in Maine, where he summers with his family, but also appears in front of houses of up to 5,000 for trade shows and corporate events. The full-time entertainer did a stint as house magician on the Queen Elizabeth II and has performed on TV. An aspiring actor, Mr. Charette also works as an extra on films — most recently appearing in Oscar nominee “The Fighter.” He notes that he entertains fellow extras and actors with tricks during downtime on the set.

Mr. Charette notes that for the Vineyard show he’ll tailor his act to his audience. “I’ll work the crowd and see what the tone is. If they go more for comedy or mind reading I’ll go in that direction.” He adds, “I guarantee they’ll be talking about the show afterward.”

Another Dinner and a Show night featuring off-Island comedians is planned for March 19, and Mr. Rego hopes to continue with other forms of entertainment if the next few shows go well. He notes that people are already calling for reservations for the comedy show. “Normally to see this kind of thing you’d have to go off-Island,” Mr. Rego says. “We’re excited about being able to bring the talent to the Island for the locals.”

Dinner and a Show, 6–10 pm, Saturday, Feb. 26, Lambert’s Cove Inn, West Tisbury. $65+ tax, corkage, gratuity. For reservations:; 508-693-2298.