Her day


To the Editor:

Life seldom makes sense, especially when those we love are taken from us in ways that are as terrible as they are inexplicable. Such was Joy Flanders’s untimely passing as the end result of a 15-month battle with melanoma, which she waged so bravely.

Those of us who were privileged to know her were always inspired by the drive, energy, and enthusiasm with which she approached anything that she put either her hand or her mind to, clearly illustrating her power and effectiveness as an educator.

Joy lighted the way for her family, friends, students and associates, and even though she is gone, her memory will continue to be inspirational, as each of us who knew her remember her in our own individual ways, with memories that are as indelible as if they were carved into granite.

I don’t think that a classroom existed anywhere that was large enough to fully contain her love for her work, combined with her sincere, deep and abiding interest in the welfare and development of her students. There was certainly not enough room in the entire expanse of Abel’s Hill to fit all the love that I was so honored to witness as Joy went to her final resting place.

She will be sorely and most grievously missed, but the memories of her will live on, and in case anyone didn’t know, it wasn’t merely Wednesday, February 23, on Martha’s Vineyard, it was really Joy Flanders Day.

Michael F. Fontes

West Tisbury