Let the search for a librarian move ahead


To the Editors:

Regarding coverage of last week’s special town meeting “Oak Bluffs voters make mid-year budget cuts” we agree that (1) the library trustees offered a $12,000 cut in expenses so that the library could fill the vacant reference librarian position, and (2) voters approved the adjustment in library spending.

So it doesn’t seem quite accurate to say that the voters agreed to leave four now-vacant town positions unfilled (including reference librarian). Despite the vote to enable hiring a reference librarian, The Times article said that after the meeting, town officials questioned whether the library adjustment would result in the hiring of a new reference librarian.

The vote at special town meeting to approve the warrant article as recast was a vote to approve the $12,000 shift in cuts from the library’s personal services line to its expense line, as moved by Mr. Huss. It was a vote to fund the reference librarian position – a position critical to library services in the community – a position vacant since last June. The trustees’ letter to the Times on February 17 said they would offer their amendment “in order to fill, without further delay, the position of reference librarian, a position approved at the last annual town meeting.” The position was approved again at last week’s special town meeting. It is time to permit the search for a reference librarian to move forward.

Marilyn Miller

Ronald Zentner

Oak Bluffs