High school Wellness Day promotes health and fun


This Wednesday is “Wellness Day” at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. Students have their pick of three of thirty-four workshops and assemblies held throughout the morning. The afternoon is devoted to faculty development.

Workshops include a wide variety of fun topics related to wellness, that include how to reduce stress with chocolate, songwriting, fishing, dance, and yoga, as well as more serious subjects such as suicide prevention, self-defense skills, and substance abuse.

The school-wide event includes three 45-minute periods for informational seminars that begin at 7:55 am and end at 11 am. Students then meet in their advisory groups to discuss the workshops they attended and to fill out evaluations before they are dismissed for the afternoon so the faculty may participate in a professional development session.

School adjustment counselor Amy Lilavois organized the first Wellness Day last year and worked with a committee on this year’s event to enlist the support of more than 30 community members and 16 faculty members.

“Amy has done a huge amount of work, and she deserves all the credit for this,” MVRHS principal Steve Nixon said.