Oak Bluffs board of health closes Oyster Bar Grill


The Oak Bluffs board of health ordered the Oyster Bar Grill closed Tuesday, March 8, until the Circuit Avenue establishment complies with required inspections.

The board of health outlined the reason for the action in a certified letter to Oyster Bar manager Michael Gillespie.

“You failed to honor the appointment for an inspection, which was scheduled for February 17, 2011,” the board wrote, after voting to close the establishment.

“They are eligible to reopen once they come back into compliance,” chairman David Caron said. “It’ isn’t an indefinite closure, once they meet our standards, as far as participating in an inspection.”

Inspection is required when an establishment reopens following a closure.

In a phone conversation with The Times Wednesday, Mr. Gillespie said he would clear up the matter soon.

“It was a misunderstanding obviously,” Mr. Gillespie said. “It was a situation where I was out of town.”

George Davis, an attorney representing Mr. Gillespie, questioned whether a reinspection is required. Mr. Davis said a takeout pizza operation, which operates under the same permit and out of the same kitchen as the Oyster Bar, remained open even while the bar and restaurant side of the business was on hiatus.

On January 14, the corporation that owns the establishment filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in federal court, and notified the court of its intent to reorganize the business.

The Oyster Bar Grill reopened for business on February 11, for the first time since December 31, 2010.