Bravo to the cast and crew


To the Editor:

This past weekend I had the privilege of traveling with the MVRHS Drama Troupe while they performed at the Massachusetts Drama Guild Inc. Festival. They performed beautifully both on and off stage. I wanted to share publicly a comment made to me by a parent from another participating school.

After the award ceremony, she approached and asked if I were with the MVRHS team. She then said that she was asked by a group of parents to tell the team how impressed they were by the behavior of our students. She said that the good sportsmanship, honest happiness for other teams, and good will they showed to the other teams, especially the teams that were chosen to move ahead in the competition, was impressive and heartwarming. Our students stood and shook hands and congratulated each member of the winning schools’ teams.

We are very fortunate to have Kate Murray as the drama teacher and director at MVRHS and also her assistant director, Kirkland Beck, working for and with our students.They hold the students to high standards, both on and off stage.

I also wish to acknowledge and thank the parents for the values they have instilled in these students. In this day and age, when we hear so much negative about the behavior of young people, these 14 high school students deserve recognition for their positive behavior and great team work. Bravo, cast and crew of “Laces.”

Elizabeth Hauck