No way to do business


To the Editor:

I traveled to Oak Bluffs to return a jacket I purchased for my son. The zipper had broken. I asked if they had another. No, they didn’t. So I said, Store credit is great, I shop here. They said, Well, that jacket is on sale, I received half of my money, because of “their” sale.

I told them I was very disappointed in their business tactics, and I was told it would have to be returned within 10 days after purchase. Well, I said, it was two months because that’s when it broke. Needless to say, I was disappointed and left that store not wanting to go back.

Dottie Fisher

West Tisbury

Correction: March 11, 2011

This letter has been revised in the online version. The first name of the letter writer is Dottie, not Debby.