The jury’s still out


To the Editor:

The library staff would like to express a heartfelt thanks to our mistress of rhymes, Susanna Sturgis, for presiding over this event; our jury members, Joe Eldredge, and Jonathan Revere, for keeping us in order; and our musical guests, Gregg Harcourt, Mary Wolverton, Mattie and Sunny, for graciously providing Irish music for inspiration.

A special thanks goes to our participants: Dick Barbieri, Milly Beegan, Dave Dutton, Alice Goyert, Gerald Hass, Andrew Hindes, Paul Levine, Eileen Maley, Dick Margulis, Carolyn O’Daly, Donald Nitchie, Beth Parker, Jonathan Revere, Rachel Rice, Leah Smith, and Woolcott Smith for their entries.

The jury is still out. The winners and honorable mentions of the Vineyard Limerick Challenge will be revealed next week.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Colleen Morris

Program Director

West Tisbury Free Public Library