Volunteers help cleanup Chappy beach debris


The Trustees of Reservations (TTOR) teamed up with members of the Surfcasters Association and the Sheriff department’s community service program to clear debris from more than one mile of Leland Beach on the east side of Chappaquiddick Saturday.

Chris Kennedy, TTOR Martha’s Vineyard superintendent, said 31 people grabbed shovels and rakes and went to work for most of the day. It was no easy task.

Continuing erosion of the Wasque bluff caused by the migrating break in Norton Point Beach combined with prevailing currents has deposited branches, root balls, stumps, and brush along the shoreline all winter. On Saturday, fishermen teamed up with youthful offenders who are required to do some type of community service to clean up the beach of approximately 20 truck loads of vegetated debris.

“Those folks did an incredible job,” Mr. Kennedy said. “The difference in the beach is like night and day. We would never have been able to do it without their help.”