MVC member clarifies assessment changes


To the Editor:

I would like to clarify some apparent misunderstandings about the Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) assessments, reported on in an article in the March 17 MV Times.

When the MVC representatives met the Edgartown finance advisory committee and board of selectmen in December 2010 and January 2011, we said that the overall assessments to all the towns were level-funded for the second year in a row.

We said, and the budget clearly states, that the apportionment of assessments was based on the previous equalized valuations, and that we were awaiting new figures from the Department of Revenue that could lead to increases or decreases in each town, as required by our enabling legislation.

We received the new equalized valuations on February 2, and on February 7, the MVCadministrator sent a note to all town administrators, executive secretaries, and finance committees with the new assessments.

The certification of the assessments that was sent to the town clerks and boards of assessors on February 10 had the correct assessments, based on the new equalized valuations.

We believe that we have been clear in this matter and have provided accurate information to all towns in a timely way, which should have allowed them to include the correct assessments in their town warrants.

John Breckenridge


Martha’s Vineyard Commission

Oak Bluffs