Our deepest thanks


To the Editor:

The American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days 2011 is behind us and you [Islanders] have purchased 1,110 bunches.

Thirty of these bunches were donated by some of you to be given to nursing homes, senior centers, and the hospital. We actually remitted an extra hundred dollars this year, which is truly amazing considering the present economy. Martha’s Vineyard is truly a giving community.

We have lost friends and family to cancer; we know many who are fighting it now and others who have won the battle. By joining this campaign, you have helped many more to win this battle.

Our faithful volunteers are grateful to all of you who have joined us this year. We know that we could never accomplish what we do with pre-sales without the help of those folks behind the scenes who do so much. There is one person in each bank, store, school, office, and town hall who collects the orders in his or her place and turns them over to our volunteers. They are all vital to the campaign and deserve much of the credit for our success.

Our volunteers this year are Kerry and Pat Alley, David Cron, Kenny Ivory, Susan Larsen, Debbie and Erie Magnuson, Gloria Mendes, Steven Nichols, Jacquie Renear, Joyce Stiles Tucker, Penny Uhlendorf, Susie Wallo, and Marilyn Wortman.

Our deepest gratitude to all of you.

Judy Baynes


Dorothy Bangs

Vineyard Haven