Serious questions, yet to be raised


To the Editor:

Four serious questions:

1. Why have I heard of no discussion of the president with Congress, certainly no public Congressional debate, about our going to war with Libya?

2. When we deliberately bomb their capital, Tripoli, and destroy Moammar Khadafy’s tanks, these acts of war go beyond establishing the “No fly” area over Libya of which our president spoke. Why?

3. The USA said we would be in Libya to support the British and French armed forces. Yet, now our military forces “acknowledge that they were leading this operation” against Khadafy. USA forces, we are told, “pledged to hand off responsibility as soon as possible.” But is not “soon” subject to lengthy interpretation — remember Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan?

4. Our Senator John Kerry is quoted as saying, “I believe very, very deeply that America’s strategic interests and our values require us to support peoples’ aspirations.” What “strategic interests”? Do I sense aroma of oil? Besides we have indicated we are doing this for Libya, not America.

Alden Besse

Vineyard Haven