Wordsmiths match wits at Island Limerick Challenge

Dick Barbieri: is he from Passaic? — Photo by Ralph Stewart

The results of the annual Island Limerick Challenge were announced late last week. Hosted by the West Tisbury Library just before St. Patrick’s Day, the event was officiated by Susanna Sturgis, Joe Eldredge, and Jonathan Revere.


A visitor fresh from Passaic

thought “Beetlebung” sounded archaic.

I said “It’s a proper

term for a stopper;

dactylic instead of trochaic.”

By Richard Barbieri

A skinny young girl from Aquinnah

Was unwilling to finish her dinner

‘Til she ate a large box

Of the best Chilmark Chocs

And she stopped getting thinner and thinner.

By Gerald Hass

It happens so often it’s scary

Whether we’re on time or tarry

We are shunted aside

for our maritime ride

And we’re always the last off the ferry.

By Eileen Maley

There once was a gal from West Tiz

Who got into the book writing biz

With glee she killed off

Politician and toff

At murder this gal is a wiz.

By Carolyn O’Daly

A tick from Farm Neck made a face

at a rump he prepared to embrace.

“You’d think it ideal,

such a plentiful meal –

but these golfers have terrible taste.”

By Beth Parker