Wildly successful


To the Editor:

On March 26, our Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Team, Imma Be the Cure, was wildly successful in hosting our fundraising event at The Wharf Restaurant in Edgartown.

We would like to express our profound appreciation and gratitude to everyone who came out in support of our efforts. It was yet another example that confirms for us why we are so committed to fighting the breast cancer crusade, and it most definitely could not have been possible without the help from our friends, family, and the amazing community we live in. The positive energy in The Wharf on that Saturday night was indescribable.

When it came right down to it, we were able to generate almost $2,000 per hour. All of these funds will be put toward Team Imma Be The Cure’s fundraising efforts to raise $60,000 for the 2011 Boston Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, on the weekend of May 14 and 15.

For example, if you break it down, the money we raised paid for six breast cancer patients to have an MRI to see if a mass is malignant or benign, or a biopsy of breast tissue to see if cancer cells are present. On the other hand, you could say that these funds will allow 24 uninsured breast cancer patients the chance to access chemotherapy treatment, or help a new patient access the pre-treatment work-up, including x-rays and lab work as they prepare for their cancer treatments. The bottom line is that this money will be able to save lives, literally.

Thank you to The Wharf Restaurant and the Coogan family for your gracious hospitality and kindness. Thank you to Mike Benjamin, Gordon Healy, Sabrina Luening, and the band for your soulful musical talents.

Wow, there just are no words to describe how much fun it was to be on the dance floor. We did not want the night to end and could have easily danced until the wee hours of the morning.

We also would like to send a special thank-you to the following for making our event possible and victorious: Brenda Lehman, the Slice of Life, Dennis DaRosa, the Marchard family, the Eliot Hotel, Martha’s Vineyard Boys and Girls Club, Kenny Vincent, Annemarie Eddy, CB Stark, Stefanie Wolf, B-Strong, Basics, The Green Room, the Net Result, Jim’s Package Store, NisaFit, Sweet Neck Farms, Offshore Ale, Chrystal Angelini, Classic Aviators LTD, Park Corner Bistro, Lattanzi’s Restaurant, The Sweet Life Café, Leslie’s Pharmacy, Tara Silva of Farm Neck, The Oceanview, Maggie’s Salon, The Grill, Wavelengths, Season’s Pub, Leroux at Home, and Linda Jean’s.

Thank you to our family, friends, and members of the community for supporting us with your donations and giving us the chance to raise awareness about breast cancer and prevention. Early detection does save lives.

And, last but not least, my hat goes off to our teammates: Stephanie Andrade, Betsy Baliunas, Samantha Cleland, Cheri Crossley, Claire Crowell, Jennifer Cutrer, Penny Franklin, Tracy Giacomini, Kelly Kershaw, Lindsay Lehman, Suzanne Means, Renee Oteri, Kathryn Shertzer, Jennifer Wright, and Sarah York.

Each one of you brought a special gift to the table to make this event come to fruition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so enamored that we have embarked on this breast cancer crusade together and really appreciate the camaraderie we share. It truly is something to be treasured.

If you would like to make a donation to support Team Imma Be the Cure in the upcoming Boston Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, track our progress, or find out when our upcoming fundraisers are, please visit www.ImmaBeTheCure.com.

Erin Kokozska

Team Captain, Imma Be The Cure

Oak Bluffs