A candidate explains further


To the Editor:

It is indeed a difficult task to encapsulate what one stands for and one’s accomplishments in two small paragraphs. I therefore thank the Martha’s Vineyard times for their attempt to do this for the upcoming election in Oak Bluffs on behalf of theselectmen and candidates who are running. However, I would like to make two remarks.

Another candidate was credited for a statement I made. Towns will need to switch their competing philosophies to overall goals for the benefit of the entire Island.

And, very little was written regarding my rich fiscal and business background, other than familiarity with “big-city experience.”

Very briefly, for over 30 years, I was CEO of various health care facilities and responsible for dealing with codes, construction, HUD, wastewater, union negotiations, the Department of Health, budgeting, hiring, firing and day-to-day management of staffing. All these facilities helping people with dementia, AIDS, and ambulatory respiratory care came within budget and violation-free.

I also served as chairman of the board of SNAP, a voluntary organization for services for adult persons, for 10 years. SNAP has managed to supplement inadequate state and local funding by fundraising an additional $1 million in each of the 10 years.

This will not affect this year’s election, but I would like the community at Oak Bluffs to know that there is more to me than my being a “nice guy” and that I feel the community and the people’s needs should be met within the confines of fiscal realities, which I do. Thank you.

Abe Seiman

Oak Bluffs