Great work


To the Editor:

Another long winter on Martha’s Vineyard is finally just about over, but for those who participated in the activities at the YMCA, it has been a winter well spent.

The Y has become a “core strength” of the Island community. In the last several months, I have seen Islanders that I haven’t seen in years, met “transplants” who’ve just arrived, and made friends with young people half my age. It is a multi-generational, multi-cultural, all-Island community facility like no other the Island has ever had.

As a former Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School committee member, it is the culmination of the vision we had 20 years ago of an Island community center at the physical center of the Island.

Thanks to the behind-the-scenes staff, the cafe personnel, and especially the dedicated, caring trainers. Whether at the post office, the grocery store, or on the street, the Y is a favorite topic of conversation.

Thank you to everyone at the Y, and keep up the great work.

Lynne Silva