Haitian quilters boosted by Martha’s Vineyard “celebrities”

Joanne Nasta as Liz Taylor as Cleopatra, with Meredith Carlomagno (left) and Mary Morgan. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

More than 100 hungry, enthusiastic diners jammed the Federated Church’s parish hall on April 2, to fill up on spaghetti, support women who are trying to build a livelihood in Haiti, and have some fun in the meantime.

The food was simple, but the service something else again, provided by willing Islanders who dressed and acted the part of celebrities, like Jane Goodall (Pam Benjamin), Abe Lincoln (John Alley), and Moses (Jerry Fritz), and who competed for tips.

It was all about raising money for PeaceQuilts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to relieving poverty in Haiti by establishing and supporting independent women’s quilting cooperatives. Currently, approximately 100 women are working in seven cooperatives in small villages and in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital.

PeaceQuilts provides training, materials, supplies, marketing assistance, and educational opportunities.

The funds raised on April 2 will be used to furnish and equip some of the newer cooperatives.

For more information on PeaceQuilts, visit haitipeacequilts.org.