A money-saving idea worked


To the Editor:

I am the head custodian in the Oak Bluffs School, at a time when money is very tight. I was looking for any way we in the custodial department could save money. I came up with the idea that if we could wash our rags, dust mops, and wet mops instead of just replacing them (at a great cost), we could save lots of money for the school.

I asked Jason Balboni of Balboni Appliance in Oak Bluffs that if he ever came across a used washing machine that was still running fairly well that he was taking to the dump, if he could drop it off here at the school so maybe we could get some use out of it.

A week or so later he shows up at the school with a washing machine, he throws a few new parts into it, gives me some new hoses, and boom — we have our washer.

It works great and the town of Oak Bluffs and the Oak Bluffs School is saving money. Kindness is alive and well here on Martha’s Vineyard.

We Oak Bluffs School custodians say thank you, Mr Balboni.

Rob Oslyn

Oak Bluffs