Tisbury concludes annual town meeting; votes $20.4 million budget


Despite a three-hour special town meeting on Tuesday evening and torrential rain the next day, 126 dedicated Tisbury voters waded out for the annual town meeting last night. They sailed through 36 warrant articles and approved them all including a $20.4 million budget for FY2012.

The voters agreed with the selectmen’s request to take no action on Article 37, which would have authorized the purchase, for aquifer protection purposes, of property off Holmes Hole Road near a town well.

Voters approved funds for new, needed Department of Public Works equipment, including a refuse truck, small dump truck, and front-end loader.

Two articles connected to Proposition 2.5 override questions that will appear on the April 26 town election ballot also passed.

One would allow the town to assess $85,000 more in real estate and personal property taxes to fund anticipated collective bargaining and employment wage and contract agreements for FY12.

The other asked voters to begin funding part of Tisbury’s cost for other post-employment benefits (OP-EB), that is, retiree healthcare and pensions, through additional real estate and personal property taxes for FY12. The voters’ approval of these two questions must be confirmed in the town election, April 26.