Fill your Easter basket at Alley’s on Martha’s Vineyard


Easter is this Sunday, April 24. If you haven’t already contacted the Easter Bunny to deliver your filled Easter Basket, it’s still not to late to call or help the bunny out by doing some of the shopping yourself.

An Island favorite for many unusual and unique gifts, Alley’s General Store on State Road in West Tisbury does not disappoint for holiday gifts. Their wonderful selection of Easter wares ranges from the traditional to the abstract.

For the traditional chocolate lovers there are bunnies, eggs, and big cartons of Mighty Malts-speckled malted milk eggs. For the jokester, the Receding Hare Line chocolate bar ($1.99) might be a better option, especially when you read their tag line, “It’s OK…this chocolate bar gets smaller too.” Everyone loves a lollipop, especially when it is big and shaped like a variety of bugs and animals ($2.49). There is also some candy that is almost too beautiful to eat, such as the Kencraft Sugar Eggs that have a hollowed out center that they put a sugar bunny in that you can see. The animal-shaped Bubblegum Buddies also fall into this category and are even packaged in a plastic square case for easy viewing.

With many people trying to watch their waistlines, a non-edible gift in the basket might be a welcome addition. Kids could enjoy the plush stuffed duckies ($6.49), the super-sized, brightly colored flower pens ($4.99), UNIPAK’s sets of Teenie Bears dressed in different outfits in a clear, carry purse ($10.99) or the mini crayon sets ($.69). Active families might choose a traditional wiffle ball and bat or a Ripstop Nylon Kite ($15.59) so they could get outside together in our warming, spring weather.

Ladies always love color, especially the bright, traditional Easter colors like pink, lavender, and light green. Find these dramatic shades in sets of three dishtowels by nowdesigns ($15.99), thin headbands with small bows ($2.99), and the large line of Turath scarves that are lightweight and perfect for spring (start at $13). The Turath scares are woven in Egypt and carry a tag that shares their philosophy of “support a village, weave a community together,” and their purpose of aiming “to protect Egypt’s heritage through supporting a variety of handcrafts.” Keep in mind that these are but a few of Alley’s amazing selection of gifts, toys, home goods, and even hardware. Your best bet is to plan a trip that will allow ample time to wander, smile, and enjoy.

Chilmark Chocolates is open this week. Hours are Tuesday, April 19 through Saturday, April 23, from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. They are closed Easter Sunday. At last check, they had plenty of chocolate bunnies, lollipops, jellybeans, and Easter and spring-themed boxes to fill up with their homemade chocolate. This month, donations go to Rising Tide Therapeutic Equestrian Center.