A voter decides


To the Editor:

April means town elections here. The voluntary assumption of responsibility is a commendable action taken by our good citizens. I am among those grateful to them. They must cope with many meetings, often into late evening, definitely time consuming.

I like to know for whom I’m voting and appreciate newspaper coverage, but also MVTV coverage of the League of Women Voters Forums, for those unable to attend.

Personally, I will not vote for those who don’t appear or at least send an apology for non-attendance, with some information about their views — whether for a contested office or not. As a Tisbury resident, this year I want to thank several candidates for uncontested offices, whether new or having held the job for a long time, who did attend and speak, and thank one non-attendee whose message and views were read by the moderator.

Leigh Smith

Vineyard Haven