Don’t let ’em roam


To the Editor,

This letter is simply a plea to all dog owners to not allow their canine friends to have free reign over the neighborhood. I have encountered a few of them while strolling past with my little, leashed Jack Russell, and as friendly as the loose pooch may be, it is still upsetting and startling to be charged by a dog.

This morning the stealthy dog was about three feet away from us when it started barking, and if I had a heart problem, I probably would have dropped dead right there in the road. My little terrier (and I) didn’t stop trembling until we got back home.

All drama aside, there is a leash law in the town of Oak Bluffs, and most likely every other town on the Island. If your dog needs exercise, and she does, leash her and take her for a walk.

Chris Valley

Oak Bluffs