Tisbury School “Jump for Japan” raises $4,730 for disaster relief


A “Jump for Japan” fundraiser by Tisbury School students raised $4,730 for the Japanese disaster relief fund. The money will be forwarded by the Cape and Islands Chapter of the American Red Cross in support of Japan’s recovery efforts following an earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

Fourth-graders in teacher Pam Hermann’s class presented a check on April 27 to the American Red Cross, represented by Martha’s Vineyard zone leader James Thomas, health class instructor and volunteer Robert Porter, and mental health volunteer Deborah Medders.

Fourth-graders brought in $2,170 of the total; their classmate Henry Hitchings raised the most.

In a press release from the American Red Cross, Mr. Thomas described the children’s efforts as impressive, inspiring, and very promising.

“They already feel that they belong to a larger world community,” he said.

Before the jump rope event, Tisbury School students in grades K-8 asked for people to sponsor them by pledging a monetary amount per jump or to make a flat donation.

During gym classes the week of April 13, each child jumped rope as many times as he or she could without stopping. Fourth grader Anna Nitardy outlasted them all, with 847 jumps.

“The fourth grade teachers used this time to teach about earthquakes, tsunamis, and empathy for those who are less fortunate than us,” Ms. Hermann wrote in an email to The Times.