Tisbury selectmen take Seaver Construction to task


The Tisbury selectmen delivered blistering reprimands to Seaver Construction vice president of operations Ken DellaCroce about the company’s work on the town’s new emergency services facility (ESF) on West Spring Street.

At a meeting Tuesday, Mr. DellaCroce said Seaver received notice about replacing the project superintendent and has proposed the acting superintendent for the job, pending the architect and owner’s project manager’s approval.

“Why are you guys arriving late to every single party that we’ve had?” selectman Jeff Kristal asked. “This is not the first problem we’ve had with him.

“Let this be a shot across the bow that we’re not going to tolerate this any more,” the selectman added. “We spent a lot of money on this, and we don’t want a second-rate project. And we certainly don’t want a second-rate project manager running this project.”

Selectman Geoghan Coogan, who was voted the new chairman of the selectmen at the meeting, deemed the project site “a mess.” Selectman Tristan Israel faulted Seaver for a lack of timely response to the town’s questions or complaints and for a growing “punch list” of items that need to be fixed.

Mr. DellaCroce accepted the blame. “I do personally apologize for the things that are being said here, because we do care, and we are trying, and we have had challenges, and we are trying to fix them,” he said.

In other ESF-related business, the selectmen approved the building committee’s request to hire an outside consultant for advice on how to fix the concrete floor, which was poured incorrectly. The selectmen also approved the committee’s request to hire a building envelope consultant to address weather-proofing the ESF.

In other business, the selectmen held a public hearing on a proposed amendment to shellfish regulations to reduce from $400 to $300 the fee for a non-resident family permit fee.

Shellfish constable Danielle Ewart and the shellfish advisory committee recommended the change. They reasoned that the cost was too high, and the town was losing money because of a drop in sales of the permits.

After discussion, the selectmen concluded it was too soon to gauge the effects of the increased fee, and that a decrease in non-resident permits might help conserve Tisbury’s shellfish resources. The selectmen voted to take no action on the proposed shellfish regulation amendment and reexamine the issue again in a year.

The selectmen also considered requests from Rainy Day owner Heather Kochin, on behalf of the Tisbury Business Association (TBA). The group asked the selectmen to change parking space time limits on downtown Main Street from one to two hours, and to add a parking lot on the fire department property on Beach Road after the new ESF is built.

The selectmen agreed to hold a public hearing on the proposed change for parking space time limits at 5:30 pm on May 17, and suggested the TBA talk to the planning board about the parking lot suggestion.

The selectmen also approved a plan from town administrator John Bugbee to lease a ticket dispenser for trial use for paid parking at the town’s park and ride lot at High Point Lane. It will be in place by July 1.