ABC Disposal Services acquires Allied Waste Services of Martha’s Vineyard


ABC Disposal Services of New Bedford acquired Allied Waste Services of Martha’s Vineyard and took over its solid waste management operations on May 1.

“We have 15,000 customers, so we’re focused on great service,” ABC vice president and general manager Mike Camara said in a phone call last week. “I think what we can bring is a lot of experience. We’re a family business that has been around for 44 years.”

Mr. Camara said he frequently visits Martha’s Vineyard and had expressed an interest to Allied Waste’s owners about acquiring their Island business some time ago.

“And they called me back and said, let’s sit down and talk about our operations on the Vineyard,” Mr. Camara said, “and through a lot of negotiations, we reached a conclusion that was very favorable for us, because now we’re in a place we feel very comfortable being.”

Mr. Camara said the Island employees that worked for Allied Waste will remain in their jobs. “They’ll go through our training programs, and we’re not changing anything,” he said.

ABC bought all of Allied Waste’s equipment and will ship additional equipment to Martha’s Vineyard to support the operations here, according to Mr. Camara. ABC Disposal has future automation plans, he said.

“I plan to help in any way I can in bringing new ideas to the forefront on managing waste on the Vineyard, in the most efficient and cost-effective way and with the least amount of impact on the residents and their businesses on the Island,” Mr. Camara said.